A good song doesn’t need a genre. If the music and lyrics combined can transcend any categorical box connecting then evoking feelings and memories in the listener, then an artist has succeeded. Singer/songwriter Ed Morales does just this. Bringing a deep musical integrity to his lyrics – connecting directly with his listeners on journeys to their first love and first heartbreak, of open road freedoms and inner contemplations, of soulful awakenings or crossroad deliberations.

With a long and rich history in the music, Ed Morales has experienced a career as both a label and as an independent recording artist dovetailing into songwriting and publishing. Gifted in the art of capturing live performance, his musicality, harmony, and emotive lyrics point back to earlier influences such as Jackson Browne, Don Henley and Tom Petty. His seemingly carefree though thoughtful musical arrangements, however, put him in a class all his own. Valuing simplicity and integrity over temporal solos or complex story songs, Morales organic/pure approach creates a deep, lasting connection with his listeners.